Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Spirit Fox - brand new, today.

I've been doodling, on a rainy, Welsh afternoon. Here are the results.
I've been thinking about how downright-bleddy terrifying it is, to have my artwork public. Picture me, shaking in my size 3 espadrilles. That is all.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Elen's Fox

It has taken me several months to finish this piece, but I think it's as close to what I envisioned, as I can get --- at my current Photoshop skill level. There are at least 20 layers in this collage. 

Twistypix Graphics

This is a piece that I made for my friend's crafting venture. The main image is an altered photograph of her son, when he was small; I edited it to resemble a comic book page. She was quite happy with the results, as am I. I had never done a piece like this, before! It's fun to try out different styles of design.


Alternate version of "Vanity Muerta"....

An alternate version of my "Vanity Muerta," with an aged parchment background, and Flow Blue inset. 


Sunday, June 1, 2014

"You Are My Sunshine."

I made this piece with my husband in mind, back in February. I apologise for the numerous watermarks, but this is the sort of thing that gets ripped off and heavily-circulated on the internet, without any provenance! This is why I always watermark and sign my work.


"The Magic Seashell."

This piece is finally finished, after nearly two years. Here you go....."The Magic Seashell." 

There are at least 40 different layers in this piece, and it is crafted completely from Victorian public domain images.